2020 Sponsors


Running a full scale street festival of this magnitude and quality as a free festival would not be possible without the financial assistance and general support of many of our local businesses. Asking very little in return other than some mutual promotion, these people and businesses commit some hard earned dollars and logistical support to the festival to allow it to continue to operate in a way that would appear that it was fully commercialized. With their sponsorship and support, the festival can remain focused on giving opportunities to community groups, niche artists, artisan stalls and hobbyists, up-and-coming live acts, and local folk in general, rather than going for attractions and stalls that can pay the highest fees.

We’d like to recognize the invaluable assistance that this sponsorship provides, keeping Emerald Funfest local, boutique, high quality, and non-commercial.

Major Sponsors

Wellington Village Sponsor Logo  Ecogroup Logo  Stockdale and Lego logoGearon Civil Logo       

Minor Sponsors

Hills Physiotherapy Logo

logo for sponsor Pro-Site Hire      

       Logo for Sponsor Grizlec Electrics